The Illinois Boys State Band has rehearsals daily under the direction of a professional music educator. The Band will showcase their talents throughout each and every day at Flag raisings, Flag retreats, and nightly Band Concerts.

Citizens are encouraged to bring their instrument and participate in the band (Illinois Boys State will provide marching and concert percussion instruments). All instruments are welcome, including brass, woodwind, percussion, and string instruments. Band members are able to participate in many other programs and activities during the week.

All inquiries regarding the band should be addressed to


Political Action Committees are an important part of the political process. These organizations are frequently advocates for a particular cause or point of view, and they often lobby legislators to influence legislation and regulation. At Boys State, each county is asked to create a piece of legislation that they would like to see passed by the Boys State House of Representatives and Senate, and ultimately signed into law by the Governor after he is elected. Through this process, members of Political Action Committees will experience the act of lobbying in a learn-by-doing context consistent with the goals of the program as a whole. Model County points will be awarded to counties that successfully bring their legislation through each house of the state legislature and that have their legislation signed into law.


Members of the Boys State staff will host a series of leadership seminars and discussion groups. Citizens may choose from a number of different options. Pass topics have included: The American Legion, The Legal Profession, and The Education Profession.


Increase leadership skills and self-confidence through team study, interactive activities, physical fitness, and complete the ROTC Leadership Reaction Course. Learn fundamental concepts of leadership in a profession in both classroom and outdoor laboratory environments.


The Boys State Militia’s main purpose is to maintain peace between cities and counties as well as protecting the community from any outside threats such as a natural disaster. Individuals who serve in the militia will also carry out regular military duties including playing a leadership role at retreat ceremonies and pass-and-review drills and assisting with the flag ceremonies General Assemblies.


At Illinois Boys State, some citizens are sworn in as officers of the State Police. In addition to enforcing the laws of Boys State, the members of the State police attend a daily seminar, the Boys State Law Enforcement Academy. Citizens get a primer on the criminal justice system, the basics of law enforcement, and police ethics. In addition, the citizens get to hear from guest speakers which have included: municipal police officers, state police officers, crime scene technicians, detectives, police supervisors, K9 handlers, SWAT operators, FBI Agents, Deputy U.S. Marshals, Secret Service Agents, and US Probation & Parole Officers. The end goal of the Law Enforcement Academy is to educate, inform, and dispel some of the myths surrounding law enforcement. By the end of the week, the State Police officers of Illinois Boys State will have a general understanding of law enforcement and the role it plays in every day society. This class is instructed by a veteran Police Officer.


Closely following EIU intramural sports rules and officiated by EIU student referees, the team sports offered during Illinois Boys State may include basketball, flag football, soccer, slow-pitch softball, and volleyball. In addition the EIU Student Recreation Center is available during the week for use by citizens.
Illinois Boys State also has a scholastic bowl competition which follows the structure of IHSA Scholastic Bowl.