2012 Updates



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    Formal Retreat

    Thursday 5:45 PM – Boys State citizens and staff are participating in a formal retreat ceremony run by the Boys State Militia in the south quad. We take this time out each year at this time to honor those who have made the greatest sacrifice for our country. We honor those who have served our […]

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    Sports State Championships and Final Meetings

    Thursday 2:00 PM – The regular season is over, and state championship games in the five sports are taking place. The state police is having its final session, the House and Senate are working with the Governor, and the Boys State-ment prepares its final edition. The band has its final rehearsal before tonight’s final concert. […]

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    Oration Finals

    Thursday 1:00 PM – After preliminaries to select the top ten, those competing in the oration contest present their oration to the finals judges.  This year’s topic revolves around Abraham Lincoln and the presidential campaign of 1860.  The winner of the oration contest receives a $1000 scholarship and presents his oration at tonight’s general assembly.

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    The Campaigning is Over…

    Thursday 10:15 AM – The Polls are open…the campaigning has ended. Now candidates wait and hope. Nonetheless, government cannot take time off. The House and Senate put the finishing touches on bills to be presented to the Governor for signing. City and County governments continue to work. Through all that, everyone at Boys State is […]


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    A Difficult Decision for Citizens

    Wednesday 7:00 pm – Following afternoon retreat and supper, candidates were busy making last minute changes to their speeches. Campaign teams were out and about trying to gather the vote. After tonight’s band concert at 7:30 pm, each of the ten candidates will get their one chance to address over 500 citizens. The two candidates […]

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    An Afternoon Full of Everything

    Wednesday 3:00 pm – During all afternoon events, the campaigning continues, as time ticks away toward the polls opening for the state general election. The last regular season games of the intramural sports season are now in process. After today, each wing will know its champion, each of which receives a bid to the state […]

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    And the State Candidates are…

    Wednesday 12:00 pm – The polls are closed, and soon we will know the 12 candidates (six from each party) who have been elected by their peers to run in the state general elections. As soon as the candidates are known, each will begin gathering their campaign managers and committees. Election results will be posted […]

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    Last Minute Campaigning

    Wednesday 7:15 am – Only three hours left for state primary campaigning…and candidates are busy spreading their platforms as much and as quickly as they can. Polls open at 10:15 am. The Senate and House begin series debates on drafted legislation. City councils and county board of supervisors continue to be in session.


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    A Full Afternoon at Boys State

    Tuesday 1:45 pm – Public Affairs teams continue to prepare, while the Leadership 101 class begins. Other meetings include the state police, band, House, Senate, and Boys State-ment. You can view the editions of the Boys State-ment here . The newspaper is published by Boys State citizens, with an edition released each day for the […]

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    Another busy day at Boys State

    Tuesday 10:00 am – There is little time for rest at Boys State. This morning, citizens will attend their second of four seminars. City government continues in action, while county government begins to organize with its newly elected officials. City councils and County Board of Supervisors meet, the State Central Committee finalizes plans for tonight’s […]

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    An Evening of Party Conventions

    Tuesday 7:00 pm – Tonight will be a night that will change lives. Those running for state office will get a chance to address their entire party…over 250. For most, this will be the first time speaking in front of such a large audience. Citizens not running have to listen, analyze and decide who they […]


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    Citizenship at Boys State

    Monday 6:00 pm – This evening (and every evening for the rest of the week), we meet for a retreat ceremony to take down the colors of our country. At the General Assembly this evening, all Boys State citizens will be educated in the American Legion, the sponsoring organization of Boys State…its history, program, and […]

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    Polls Open for County Elections

    Monday 1:00 pm – The polls are open again. While city government begins being the leadership of the city, county government will being taking leadership of the county later today. After the polls close, it’s back to business. Public Affairs teams from each county meet to begin designing their presentations. This year’s topic is voter […]

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    The Campaigning Continues

    Monday 10:00 am – Now that the ballots are set, the county is gathering as a whole so each candidate can present their campaign speech. Following that, city government takes action with the first city council meeting. The House of Representatives (one representative per city elected yesterday) has its organizational meeting. The two party State […]


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    “Their Names Will Live for All Generations”

    Sunday 9:00 pm – This evening’s General Assembly was a time to remember why we are able to be here at Boys State, and recognize the generations of all who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We also honored “Uncle Charlie” Runyard, a Boys State staff member for over 50 years, whom we lost […]

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    The Polls are Open!

    Sunday 5:00 pm – The Election Officials (select Boys State citizens) have opened the Polls, and citizens are now voting for their city leadership. Election results will be posted on the website tomorrow morning.

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    Time to Relax

    Sunday 3:00 pm – As intense as the Boys State program, everyone needs to take a break once in awhile. This afternoon, each county is having tryouts for five team sports: basketball, softball, volleyball, football, and soccer. Intramural sports competition begins tomorrow, culminating with state championship games on Thursday. In additional, the band will have […]

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    Campaigning and Learning Continues

    Sunday 12:00 pm – Boys State consist of two mythical parties – Nationalist and Federalist. This morning each party met in caucus to determine their nominees for this afternoon’s city elections. Since after the election there will be city council and committee meetings, all Boys Staters attended a seminar on Parliamentary Procedures. Finally, a select […]


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    Saturday Evening Assembly

    Saturday 9:00 pm – The first Boys State assembly took place this evening. Participants, known as citizens of the state of Illinois, take the citizenship oath, become citizens of Illinois Boys State. Also taking place this evening were welcomes from the Boys State staff and Eastern Illinois University. The Boys State band, which had one […]

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    First Meetings

    Saturday 6:00 pm – The program officially started with county orientations at 5:00 pm.  There, they are introduced to the counseling staff that will be overseeing their group, get an orientation of the program, and an outline of things to come.  Their first Boys State meal (all you can eat lasagna) was served at 6:00 […]

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    Saturday 2:00 pm – The participants are arriving, as we welcome them to the 77th Annual Session of Illinois Boys State.  This afternoon, participants will be given the afternoon to settle in, get to know the campus, unpack, etc.