• Upcoming State Conventions

    The time is approaching for what is for many the most memorable part of the week here. The primary election convention speeches. There will be some seriousness, some music, some genuine comedy. It is interesting to see what ways the citizens come up with to make themselves stand out among all of the other candidates. […]

  • Momentum is Building

    As we reach midday on Monday, you can really feel the energy around campus. Classes have started, the second election cycle, this time for county offices, is about over. The first city council meetings have occurred, alliances are being made, planning for future events are underway. The citizens are learning how to work with the […]

  • State Treasurer Visits Boys State

    It should come as little surprise to anyone that Illinois Premier Boys State affords invaluable experiences and opportunities to each and every one of its citizens. Moreover, when Michael Frerichs, a distinguished member of the program’s 55th session, rose to the position of Illinois State Treasurer, the occasion was met with a feeling of reverence. […]

  • Memorial Service Remembers the Past

    Sunday night’s General Assembly is not really an assembly in the usual meaning of the word. There are no discussions of Model County, no chanting or cheering by the citizens. It is a solemn gathering of citizens of all ages to gather together and reflect on the past, contemplate the present and dream for the […]

  • City Elections Kick Off Across Boys State

    Last night the citizens of Boys State got their first taste of the election process by taking part in their party’s city caucuses. Through various methods the city level party leadership worked with the rest of the party members to determine the candidates that will fill this first ballot of the week. As this is […]

  • Moving Towards the Future

    Saturday, we welcomed to Eastern University and the American Legion Premier Illinois Boys State program another group of young men to a week of growth, learning, and fun. These young men represent the future. The future of our state, our country, our society. The more they learn, not just here but in their schools and […]

  • 2015 Samsung Scholarship Winner Announced

    The 2015 Samsung Scholarship winner has been announced. This year’s winner of a $1,000 state level scholarship and who is also eligible for a $20,000 national level scholarship is Charles Edward Massie of Manteno, IL.

  • Kennedy County Press Release – Photo Ballot Bill

    Name Morgan Riley and John Skinner Photo Ballot Bill FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Morgan Riley 18 June 2015 County: Kennedy Room Number: 515 Photo Ballot Bill 18 June 2015 at Illinois Premier Boys State Today, Senator Pat McGrath led the Boys State Senate in passing a new bill. This bill states that candidates on all […]

  • Kennedy County Press Release – One Last Retreat

    Name Morgan Riley and John Skinner Final Retreat Ceremony FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Morgan Riley 18 June 2015 County: Kennedy Room Number: 515 One Last Retreat 18 June 2015 at Illinois Premier Boys State Tonight at 6:15pm, the 80th Boys State will undergo its final retreat ceremony of the week. Campers will come together at […]

  • Individual Sport Competition Winners Announced

    Every year in addition to the team sport competitions, Boys State holds a Tennis and a Table Tennis tournament. This year, the winners of both tournaments were members of Gleason county. The winner of this year’s Table Tennis tournament is Sage Pearson of Toulon, IL. The Tennis tournament winner is Isiah Galve of Volo, IL. […]

  • Justice of Impeach?

    Boys’ State News Network picked up on a plan to impeach Supreme Court Justice Matt Mulligan. Eddie VanZandt and Jake Mueller interviewed Hayes County Justice John Szczap for more details on the controversy: Szczap- “So here’s what happened: on the first day, the Supreme Court Justices from Stelle and Keller were not there because their […]

  • Federalist Party Convention

    The Federalist Party Convention began with a quick county role and a Boy’s State News Network broadcast. Model County awards were announced, with Keller winning East Model County, Stelle winning West Model County, and Kennedy winning Overall Model County. Party Chairman Henry Steck called the meeting to order and opened with a speech, in which […]