• The Ultimate New Phase Sweeping the State

    One look onto the quad will show many citizens devote their free time to games and other activities as such. One sport, however, has swept through Boys State. Many claim that it is truly ‘hotter than hot cakes.’ This is, of course, Ultimate Frisbee, a variation on football. While many citizens just enjoy the game […]

  • Leadership is not Reserved for Politics

    While the Boys State Program is focused on learning about how government works and the political processes that are present in our world, it is not the only place where the citizens are able to learn and improve their leadership skills. At Boys State, there are ample other opportunities for the citizens to embrace teamwork […]

  • House of Representatives Meets with Former Congressman

    The first meeting of the House of Representatives took place on Monday, and saw the Representatives learning about the process of passing a bill. The meeting was led by Michael Flanagan, who served one term in the US House of Representatives on committees such as the Judiciary Committee and the Committee of Veteran’s Affairs. Through […]

  • Leadership 101

    Monday marked the first meeting of Leadership 101 at Boys State. Created by the former president of Eastern Illinois University Lou Hencken, the Leadership 101 seminar aims to instruct Boys State citizens on leadership techniques, group dynamics, and general integrity. Monday’s seminar opened with introductions, followed by a short presentation by Jody Stone, the current […]

  • PACs Are Forming

    Starting Sunday night, the citizens of Boys State organized and demanded their voices be heard. Political Action Committees (PACs) were formed in some counties and are a way for groups of citizens to band together and use their collective voices to be heard on a particular issue. Additionally, PACs can sponsor candidates for electoral positions […]

  • Sunday Night Memorial Program

    The Annual Memorial Program took place Sunday night in Doudna Concert Hall. This service sees Legionnaires and citizens alike gather together to honor servicemen that have fought and sacrificed for this great nation from the War of Independence, to the protracted War on Terror. As usual, the color guard began the performance with a perfectly […]

  • Museum of Brad

    Culture and the arts have found foothold in Boy’s State. Monday, Corum City Council passed a law creating “The Museum of Brad” in Kennedy County. Brad, also known as ‘The Beard Counselor’, is a counselor of Kennedy County. He is honored to have the museum opened and believes it is an excellent way for the […]

  • State Central Committees Formed

    Both the Federalist and Nationalist political parties met today to organize their leadership for the upcoming state elections. The Nationalist Party has selected Gabriel Sowards, of Peoria, to lead them this year as the Chairman of the Party. Gabriel will be assisted by his Vice Chairman, Max Nalepa, from Hinsdale, and August Gress, from Danville, […]

  • Memorial Service Remembers Those Who Came Before Us

    Sunday night’s General Assembly is not really an assembly in the usual meaning of the word. There are no discussions of Model County, no chanting or cheering by the citizens. It is a solemn gathering of current and past citizens to reflect on the past, contemplate the present and dream for the future. The memorial […]

  • Election Process Has Begun

    It seems like such a short time ago that this year’s citizens came through the doors to be assigned their county. Introductions have been made, friendships have been started, the learning has begun. Sunday is very city focused. The counselors start getting to know everyone, the kids start bonding, and the city elections occur. The […]

  • Another Year Begins

    There was a lot of excitement amongst the staff Saturday morning awaiting the arrival of this year’s citizens. Every year is important and remembered fondly in stories of a well done oration or a particularly memorable campaign speech, but anniversary years just seem to hold a special place in the hearts of the staff. From […]

  • Closing Ceremonies

    As our week comes to a close we look forward to our final awards presentation.  All of the citizens have been encouraged to go forth and improve the world in which we live in through leadership and government.  Good luck to all and safe travels home!