Program Daily Updates



    2016 Model County Winners Announced

    Every year there are a number of awards that are given out for individual accomplishments. We also hold a Model County contest to recognize the county that best worked together to accumulate the most model county points. These points are gained by participating in various events like the essay and oration contests, correctly documenting county […]


    2016 Boys Nation Senators Announced

    By being on this site, you are aware of the Boys State program. You might not be aware that there is a Boys State across the country. There is also a Boys Nation program where two Senators from each Boys State go to represent their state. The Boys Nation program is very similar to the […]


    2016 Paul Brown Officers Leadership Award Winners Announced

    The Paul Brown Officers Leadership Award is awarded to the state level elected official, except the Governor who receives a separate scholarship award, who best exemplified what Boys State is all about throughout the election process. There is also an interview process in front of senior counselors. This year’s Paul Brown Officers Leadership Award winner […]


    2016 Session John Geiger Award Winners Announced

    There are several scholarships available during each session with various requirements. The John Geiger Leadership Award was named in honor of the first Boys State alum to serve as National Commander of the American Legion. In order to be eligible for this award, you must serve as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the […]


    2016 Oration Contest Winners Announced

    The winners of the 2016 Oration Contest have been announced. This year’s winner is Alexander Shura of Naperville. The runner up is Archit Dhar of Naperville. The third place entry was submitted by Adam Raso of Dunlap. Thank you to all of those who submitted entries and congratulations to those who won.


    Winners of the 2016 Essay Contest Announced

    The winners of the 2016 Essay Contest have been announced. Thank you to all those who submitted entries and congratulations to those who won. The winner of the 2016 essay contest is Rohan Macherla of Plainfield. The second place entry was submitted by Nicholas Schuster of Batavia. Michael Petrik of Elburn submitted the third place […]



    Thank you for your hard work

    Throughout the week there are a number of citizens that put in a lot of work leading groups and making various events go as smoothly as possible. Many of these citizens don’t always get the recognition of giving being singled out at the front of the assembly or being mentioned during the media segments. We’d […]


    2016 State Elected Officials Announced

    The State General Election has concluded and the winners have been sworn in. Congrats to those who succeeded in winning their elections, and well done to all of those who ran in both the general and the primary elections. Your 2016 Governor, is Kevin Mallady of Danville. The new Lt. Governor is Archit Dhar of […]



    Oration Finalists Announced

    The 2016 oration contest finalists were announced. The second and final round of the contest will be held Thursday afternoon at 12:30pm at Lumpkin Auditorium. The list of finalists in alphabetical order and not speaking order are as follows: Brunner, Trevor – Hayes Dhar, Archit – Gleason Duffy, Chris – Stelle Gajula, Tejas – Hayes […]



    Upcoming State Conventions

    The time is approaching for what is for many the most memorable part of the week here. The primary election convention speeches. There will be some seriousness, some music, some genuine comedy. It is interesting to see what ways the citizens come up with to make themselves stand out among all of the other candidates. […]



    Momentum is Building

    As we reach midday on Monday, you can really feel the energy around campus. Classes have started, the second election cycle, this time for county offices, is about over. The first city council meetings have occurred, alliances are being made, planning for future events are underway. The citizens are learning how to work with the […]



    Memorial Service Remembers the Past

    Sunday night’s General Assembly is not really an assembly in the usual meaning of the word. There are no discussions of Model County, no chanting or cheering by the citizens. It is a solemn gathering of citizens of all ages to gather together and reflect on the past, contemplate the present and dream for the […]


    City Elections Kick Off Across Boys State

    Last night the citizens of Boys State got their first taste of the election process by taking part in their party’s city caucuses. Through various methods the city level party leadership worked with the rest of the party members to determine the candidates that will fill this first ballot of the week. As this is […]



    State Treasurer Visits Boys State

    It should come as little surprise to anyone that Illinois Premier Boys State affords invaluable experiences and opportunities to each and every one of its citizens. Moreover, when Michael Frerichs, a distinguished member of the program’s 55th session, rose to the position of Illinois State Treasurer, the occasion was met with a feeling of reverence. […]


    Moving Towards the Future

    Saturday, we welcomed to Eastern University and the American Legion Premier Illinois Boys State program another group of young men to a week of growth, learning, and fun. These young men represent the future. The future of our state, our country, our society. The more they learn, not just here but in their schools and […]