Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • All boys must have completed one semester of 11th grade and must have one or more semesters in high school to complete after attending Boys State. Preference is given to those having completed their junior year.
  • A boy is not allowed to attend more than one session of Boys State as a Boys State citizen.
  • Unless excused for good cause by the sponsoring organization at the request of the boy’s parent or guardian, boys are required to use group transportation to or from Boys State when available.
  • Attend all sessions and activities, and be present all week.
  • Under special permission, a boy may check in late Saturday because of taking the ACT test or SAT test with prior approval or knowledge of Boys State Administration.

Those who are interested in attending Boys State who meet the eligibility requirements should contact their local legion post, guidance counselor, or email for further information. Parents may also register their child who meets the eligibility requirements by entering the registration portion of the website.