• Justice of Impeach?

    Boys’ State News Network picked up on a plan to impeach Supreme Court Justice Matt Mulligan. Eddie VanZandt and Jake […]

  • Federalist Party Convention

    The Federalist Party Convention began with a quick county role and a Boy’s State News Network broadcast. Model County awards […]


    Boys State Media Productions Ad

    Despite its primary billing as a camp about politics and government, the American Legion’s Illinois Premier Boy’s State also features […]


    Quiz Bowl Comeback

    For those who would prefer an academic challenge to an athletic one, there is an option for you: Quiz Bowl. […]


    Monday General Assembly

    Yesterday’s General Assembly proved to be another event-filled gathering that the citizens found exciting, entertaining, and inspiring. The band skillfully […]


    Nationalist Committee Meets

    Earlier this morning, Nationalist leaders met in Coleman Hall to develop a party platform. Among others, the group included Party […]


    Leadership 101

    Monday marked the first meeting of Leadership 101 at Boys State. Created by the former president of Eastern Illinois University […]


    PACs Are Forming

    Starting Sunday night, the citizens of Boys State organized and demanded their voices be heard. Political Action Committees (PACs) were […]


    Sunday Night Memorial Program

    The Annual Memorial Program took place Sunday night in Doudna Concert Hall. This service sees Legionnaires and citizens alike gather […]


    Museum of Brad

    Culture and the arts have found foothold in Boy’s State. Monday, Corum City Council passed a law creating “The Museum […]