• Boys State Announces Oration Contest Finalists

    Congratulations to the 2017 Oration Finalists (in alphabetical order):   Andrehyu, Allen – Savage Bahr, Nick – Kennedy Dorociak, Daniel – Gleason Julian, Justin – Savage Knudsen, Kyle – Kennedy Miller, Ryan – Kennedy Rajendran, Suraj – Hayes Schreder, Luke – Savage Svob, William – Conater Ten Eyck, Michael – Conatser The finals will be […]

  • Meet the Counties #2

    Welcome back to the second annual Meet The Counties! It’s been quite an eventful week for our respective counties and cities. There have been wars waged and disputes sprawled throughout the state. Fun and laughs have been shared all through the the different counties. Now for your juicy county news.       Conatser County […]

  • Emergency Media Mischief

    In a wild turn of events, the state election results have been quite a rollercoaster for our candidates. We have witnessed a write-in candidate win the governor’s position for the second time in Illinois Boys State history. David Nkansah Stole the election with a whopping 261 votes. We have also come to a tie in […]

  • Gazza City Public Works Project

    Earlier today, I witnessed the construction of a public works project in Gazza City, Gleason County. Construction started after the room of a counselor was deemed a health hazard, then became condemned as unsafe to enter. After the room had been sectioned off, it was decided by several citizens that a memorial would be erected […]

  • State Party Primary Elections

    Both the Nationalist and Federalist party primary elections were held today before lunch. Each party had many, many candidates for every office and every single one gave very, very compelling speeches. Although many candidates displayed all the qualities necessary for governorship, only one candidate for every position could be filled.   The Federalist nominees are […]

  • Citizen News Report

    Today was voting day for the state primaries! The results are in, so be sure to check them out on the Illinois Boys State website, under live updates, elections.   In other news, the orations on Abraham Lincoln were also due today. Essays are due tomorrow. With a $2000 scholarship on the line, these activities […]

  • Busy Day Reported by House of Representatives

    Early information out of the legislative watch correspondents is that the House of Representatives were quite busy today, with a number of bills being submitted and discussed. We look forward to hearing more details soon and will post those details on the Governmental Affairs page as soon as we can. Keep checking in for more […]

  • Election Interjections

    The 2017 Illinois Premier Boy’s State is currently in its fourth day of administration and there have been many elections and many candidates that have ran and won. With each election, comes into power a host of effective leaders that administrate and make up what this State is and represents. Every single citizen in this […]

  • Meet The Counties: 1st Edition

    Welcome to our first installment of Meet the Counties. Here we will be covering all the events and  All of the counties in the Boys State Premiere Event have tried their hardest and help make the program what it is today. The program has blossomed and will continue to in every aspect. The most important […]

  • Leadership Announcement

    The House of Representatives would like to announce it’s leadership for the 2017 session of Boys State. This year’s Speaker of the House of Representatives is Marc Antonucci (Lake Forest) of Savage County. The Clerk of the House of Representatives is James Holmes (Lake Forest) of Conatser County. Good luck to you both with your […]