• Leadership Announcement

    The Senate would like to take this opportunity to announce it’s leadership for the 2017 session of Boys State. The new President of the Senate is Dane Sorensen (Bloomington) of Hayes County. The new Secretary of the Senate is Simon Lee (Skokie) of Gleason County. Best of luck to you both in your new positions.

  • Leadership Announcement

    The Supreme Court would like to take this opportunity to announce that this year’s Boys State Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Rafael Torres of Savage County. Good luck with your new responsibilities.

  • House of Representatives Announce Formation of a Boys State Program Committee

    In an official communication from the House of Representatives, it is announced that a Boys State Program Committee has been formed. This committee has within it’s purview the directive to develop legislation relating directly with the Boys State Constitution. The committee shall also work on and present any recommendations that may arise regarding the Boys […]

  • House of Representatives Announce Formation of PAC/Lobbyist Committee

    In an official communication Monday, the House of Representatives announced that a House PAC/Lobbyist Committee has been formed. This committee has been given the directive to directly work with outside sources, such as PACs or lobbyists. Once the discussions have concluded the committee will decide what legislation, if any, will be drafted for review and/or […]

  • State Office Election Process Starting

    Right about the time this is posted, the nominating petitions for state office will be released in Election Central. With those petitions starts a process that won’t finish until the election and swearing in of the winners on Thursday. There are a few deadlines and mandatory checkpoints along the way, so if you’re interested in […]

  • City Councils in Full Swing

    Yesterday was the first election, for city posts. Today will be the second for county positions. In between, will be the first city council meetings. These meetings represent perhaps the most direct way in which citizens can put into practice what they learn here. It’s strongly recommended that any citizen without a different meeting to […]

  • Meet Illinois Premier Boys State

    Greetings and Welcome, fellow citizens, to the beginning of the 2017 Premier Illinois Boys State blog! We’ll be reporting on the daily happenings of this week, official and unofficial. Visit us for all your news needs from meal recountings to election results and debates, to other serious matters. Now lets get into some news! Yesterday […]

  • Boys State Honors Those Who Came Before Us

    Over the past several decades, as Boys State has grown throughout the country there have been there have been countless young men (and women at Girls State) who have gone through the program and then continued on to live their lives. Some you have heard of before, most however have lived their lives in relative […]

  • The Political Process has Begun

    During your time here at Boys State you will go through a lengthy journey learning about various aspects of the political process. You will learn what it means to be a citizen, of course, but also how laws are made, enforced, and judged. You will have the opportunity to learn about and put into practice […]