• State Official General Election Candidates Announced

    The individuals listed below won their primary elections and will be moving on to the general election. Congratulations to all of those listed for making it this far. Good luck at the general caucus and the elections in the morning Federalist Primary Election Results For Governor For Attorney General Kyle Robinson Scott Walker For Lt. […]

  • Oration Finalists Announced

    The following citizens have been selected to compete in the final round of the 2015 Oration Competition. This event is open to all citizens to attend, will take place at 12:30 on Thursday in Lumpkin Hall, Room 2030. Note: this is *not* the same place the competitors met today for the first round. The following […]

  • Primary Candidates Announced

    The full list of State Office Primary Candidates were released and are able to be viewed below. Good luck to all candidates. 2015 Federalist Party State Primary Candidates 2015 Nationalist Party State Primary Candidates

  • Quiz Bowl Comeback

    For those who would prefer an academic challenge to an athletic one, there is an option for you: Quiz Bowl. Just like all the other Boys State competitive activities, Quiz Bowl got off to a fast start. Quiz Bowl is a trivia challenge with teams of up to five on a side competing against one […]

  • Monday General Assembly

    Yesterday’s General Assembly proved to be another event-filled gathering that the citizens found exciting, entertaining, and inspiring. The band skillfully played such tunes as ‘Pink Panther,’ ‘Tequila,’ ‘Land of 1000 Dances,’ and Lion King’s ‘In The Jungle’ and their effort kept the crowd pumped. The usual banter ensued between the counties, with renditions of ‘Down […]

  • Nationalist Committee Meets

    Earlier this morning, Nationalist leaders met in Coleman Hall to develop a party platform. Among others, the group included Party Chairman Gabriel Sowards (Geiger), Vice Chairman Max Nalepa (Hayes), and Party Secretary August Gress (Keller). The committee met to discuss a common campaign strategy moving into the state elections. A brief list of principles was […]

  • The Ultimate New Phase Sweeping the State

    One look onto the quad will show many citizens devote their free time to games and other activities as such. One sport, however, has swept through Boys State. Many claim that it is truly ‘hotter than hot cakes.’ This is, of course, Ultimate Frisbee, a variation on football. While many citizens just enjoy the game […]

  • Leadership is not Reserved for Politics

    While the Boys State Program is focused on learning about how government works and the political processes that are present in our world, it is not the only place where the citizens are able to learn and improve their leadership skills. At Boys State, there are ample other opportunities for the citizens to embrace teamwork […]

  • House of Representatives Meets with Former Congressman

    The first meeting of the House of Representatives took place on Monday, and saw the Representatives learning about the process of passing a bill. The meeting was led by Michael Flanagan, who served one term in the US House of Representatives on committees such as the Judiciary Committee and the Committee of Veteran’s Affairs. Through […]

  • Leadership 101

    Monday marked the first meeting of Leadership 101 at Boys State. Created by the former president of Eastern Illinois University Lou Hencken, the Leadership 101 seminar aims to instruct Boys State citizens on leadership techniques, group dynamics, and general integrity. Monday’s seminar opened with introductions, followed by a short presentation by Jody Stone, the current […]