State Treasurer Visits Boys State

It should come as little surprise to anyone that Illinois Premier Boys State affords invaluable experiences and opportunities to each and every one of its citizens. Moreover, when Michael Frerichs, a distinguished member of the program’s 55th session, rose to the position of Illinois State Treasurer, the occasion was met with a feeling of reverence. Frerichs’ ascension was as much a testament to his personal character as it was to the values of honor, service, and citizenship that form the core of the American Legion’s premier program. His return to Boys State as a keynote speaker was met with a warm reception, as the down-to-earth Frerichs delivered an inspiring speech detailing his own journey. Recounting his wealth of experiences, from his extensive research into East Germany and oftentimes comical encounters during his time in Taiwan, Frerichs quipped: “does that sound like the path of a treasurer to you?”. While the speech itself had plenty of poignant moments, it was during the Q&A session that the depth of Frerichs’ passion and commitment to his work shone through. Asked about the impending financial crisis and the chronic mismanagement by state officials, the treasurer decried “that just isn’t right”. Though it will take a considerable amount of time and effort to undo the mistakes of the past, with officials as dedicated as Frerichs, the light at the end of the tunnel may just be in sight.

Jonathan Sun
Thompson, Keller
Naperville, IL

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