Thank you for your hard work

Throughout the week there are a number of citizens that put in a lot of work leading groups and making various events go as smoothly as possible. Many of these citizens don’t always get the recognition of giving being singled out at the front of the assembly or being mentioned during the media segments. We’d like to take a moment to single some of them out here in recognition of their hard work.

The President pro temp. of the Senate is Shawn Park of Naperville. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Tyler Hodgett of West Chicago. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is Doug McKissick of Naperville.

Another two roles that are just as important though not as well known are the members of party leadership. These individuals do much of the organization of the state primary conventions. The Nationalist Party Chairman is Karington Kim of Woodridge. The Federalist Party Chairman is Ryan Stark of Mapleton.

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