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“A Week That Shapes A Lifetime”

81st Annual Session, June 11th – 17th, 2016

To Register for the 2016 Session Please Click Here!

2015 Arrival Information

Students should arrive between 1:00-5:00pm on Saturday to Andrews Hall located at 2150 7th Street Charleston, IL 61920. While it is possible to arrive late, everyone is encouraged to arrive during the standard check in time as the program begins promptly at 5:00pm.

Students who are unable to arrive before 5:00 pm Saturday should report to the lobby of Andrews Hall.  From there you will be directed to late check-in.

Departure Information

Students attend the final general assembly on Friday morning. The session ends at approximately 11:30am and students are free to leave at this time. While parents are welcome to watch the final assembly from the balcony area of Lantz Arena, students will need to return to their residence halls following the assembly to collect their belongings. If students arrived by bus they should plan to return by bus, being picked up in the same location as drop off immediately following the final assembly. A free sack lunch is available for the trip home.

Quick Info for Parents

Mailing address

Citizen’s Name
American Legion Illinois Boys State
Boys State City and County (if known)
Andrews Hall
2150 7th Street
Charleston, IL 61920

In person visits

Due to the intense schedule of the program, there is little time for family visits during the week. If parents wish visit, Thursday afternoon is the most appropriate time. If they arrive at this time, they will be able to attend the formal retreat ceremony at 6:00 pm and attend that evening’s assembly held in Lantz Arena.

Phone calls

Students are allowed to use their cell phones for personal calls during times that do not impact the operation of the program.  Generally, students are more available in the afternoon and after 9:00 PM.  Parents are encouraged to wait for the student to call home when time permits.

Emergency Contact Phone

If you need to reach someone person in the Boys State Headquarters (in the event of an emergency only, please):

217-581-3759 (staffed 24 hours a day)

Eastern Illinois University Police dispatch: 217-581-3212

For non emergency inquiries, Boys State Headquarters may be reached at 217-581-7805 (answered during their office hours).